Minimally Invasive Soft Tissue Grafting
for Teeth and Implants

Dallas, Texas Course Dates

February 3-4, 2023
March 24-25, 2023
April 21-22, 2023
May 5-6, 2023

Surgical Technique Courses

This interactive limited attendance course is intended for periodontists and general dentists with surgical experience who wish to learn more about esthetic periodontal plastic surgery procedures for treatment of soft tissue defects at teeth and implant sites. You will learn microsurgical instrumentation and the latest minimally invasive surgical and suturing techniques developed by Dr. Allen using allografts and xenografts. The treatment concepts presented are based on current clinical and biologic research. All aspects of treatment planning and step-by-step surgical procedures will be presented and discussed. Case presentations, practical hands-on exercises and live surgical demonstrations provide in-depth knowledge about the use of soft tissue grafting techniques to achieve predictable coverage of single and multiple recessions, increase in tissue thickness, and extension of the vestibule. Other significant outcome parameters including gain of keratinized tissue will be presented and discussed.

  • 10 Keys for successful soft tissue surgery
  • Microsurgical instrumentation and specialized suturing techniques
  • Classification of recession defects
  • Anatomical factors affecting grafting outcome
  • Palatal harvesting technique
  • Critical evaluation of allografts and xenografts used in soft tissue grafting
  • Detailed surgical technique for the lateral pedicle flap
  • Detailed surgical technique for the tunnel procedure for treatment of single and multiple gingival recessions
  • Modifications of the tunnel technique for deep recession sites
  • Rationale and technique for use of PRP
  • Presentation of long-term results following soft tissue grafting
  • Critical review of outcome parameters
  • Evidence-based selection of the optimal grafting method
  • Treatment planning and case presentations
  • Interdisciplinary management of cervical lesions
  • Treatment of soft tissue defects at implant sites
  • Detailed pre-op and post-op instructions
  • Management of complications following soft tissue grafting surgery
  • Critical review of current clinical research findings
  • Hands-on workshop exercises on realistic custom models with authentic recession defects
  • Illustrated step-by-step surgical procedural manual
  • Live surgical demonstration of current root coverage procedure

Soft Tissue Grafting for Teeth and Implants

8mm recession on maxillary canine

AlloDerm graft within pouch coronally advanced to the CEJ

Complete root coverage and thick marginal gingiva at 3 years post-op

Recession and thin tissue over lateral incisor implant

AlloDerm graft before insertion in pouch

At 2 months post-op, tissue is thickened and the implant is covered to the crown margin